If heaven exists, I hope it resembles a quiet drive and smooth smoke. Nothing settles or helps me more than slowly puffing my way through a good bowl of fresh tobacco as I cruise around a tree-lined neighborhood.

As a sufferer of daily anxiety, solace is something precious and often elusive. I am constantly looking for new ways to navigate life so that I can be more present as a husband, friend, and man. My newest escape is pipe tobacco. It’s my nightcap and morning joy (along with a few cups of coffee) and I am just beginning the process of exploring new flavors and blends.

My latest purchase was a small pouch of a familiar brand, Carter Hall. Carter Hall is a staple of the “daily-smoke” tobacco world, and after a few tokes,  it’s easy to see why. The blend is smooth, with little to no bite (even for a novice smoker like myself) and the room notes are lovely. My car has never smelled better. While the taste, scent, and even-burn make Carter Hall tangibly good tobacco, the fact that it lights easily and stays lit makes it all the more effective as an escape tool and comfort.

Tobacco is only as good as the pipe it rests in, and I love my current daily pipe. My best friend introduced me to Missouri Meerschaum Pipes a few months ago by getting me the “Lord of the Rings” inspired Cobbit, Dwarf model. The Dwarf is a corn-cob pipe, with a blackened bowl to simulate age and a long churchwarden bit. It provides a very consistent smoke and seems to stay burning longer than any pipe I have yet owned. If you are in the market for a new pipe, or a first pipe, you can visit Missouri Meerschaum using the link at the bottom of the post.

For someone whose days often include internal battles and over-reactions, any tool I can add to protect and heal myself is a treasure. If anxiety or mental health are not battles you face, consider yourself very fortunate (although I am sure you have other struggles of equal difficulty). Something as simple as a cheap bag of Carter Hall and a dependable pipe can be the difference in a good day and a bad day.

Pipe tobacco, in my experience, works like a time machine. It connects me to the same world my great-grandfather lived in, and a pace of life foreign to our ultra-connected, modern society. Though a simple device, my pipe partners with the tobacco, helping me be more reflective and introspective while setting a positive tone for the day.

I hope you find your own quiet drive and smooth smoke.

This is the first of many posts, and the purpose of this blog is to help you find joy in music, tobacco, coffee, philosophy, and books. More importantly, I hope you can find your own peace-filled hobbies and enjoy your life more every day. – AB

http://corncobpipe.com/ – Missouri Meerschaum

www.andrewbucknermusic.com – My music site


2 thoughts on “A long drive with Carter Hall

  1. I’m adding this to my daily read. 2 chapters of the ‘good book,’ a proverb a day, and a nice little escape through the mind and finger tips of one of my oldest and closest friends will now be my morning ritual. Love you, brother.


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